the homepage of the new site.

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Welcome to the new site i'm starting over.

hey this is spike i viewed my site it didn't look so good so i'm starting over.


my update so far is...

I've got a site, brand new thanks for contributing!!!

well anybody got some good games?

D-man is on my site as co-creator

4 photo pages, movies (red vs blue), music (my fav.),

clan members page, games, man this site is packed!!!

START OVER!!!!!!!!!!

we now have 4 admins

head adminastrater: Spike

Co-Administraters: D-man, Akasha, and Rome.

we have homepage, files, clan, d photos, utube, and blog.

and now games. from now on the entire site will be taken care of better. the updates will be added every week i spike will be taking sundays and thursdays, akasha will have fridays and saturdays, rome will take tuesdays, and dash will take mondays and wednesdays.

site enhancements!

Yo waz up my members everyone here is like family, I got to say somethin... I got another person to help me on my way to greatness his name is deman.

Yo dude i'z not deman wat dork would have a name like dat it's D-m'n!

And NOW we also have Isis Akasha and Rome to Also help us out... Yet we still can't seem to at least do Weekly Blahrg updates. XD

?? our different signatures and emails contact us please!